The general belief is custard pap is food for kids. Most grown-ups rarely take it at all. If you're like me, there are days when chewing before swallowing is work. Like when I am down with stomach ulcers. I barely can stand solid food. Cereal, oats, kunu, or pap are my go-to food during these down moments. Tea is also an option, but it doesn't take long before I am hungry. For this particular reason, I opt tea.

A few months back, as I thought of ways to come up with nutritious liquid food. The first on my list was custard pap partly because it is available at the moment. And so I set into action immediately. I modify the custard pap recipe to incorporate peanut milk. The result isn't surprising. Anything peanut tastes yummy; the taste is excellent. My kids were asking for more. At the time, the pap serving is 1. I had to make another one almost immediately. So we would all enjoy the goodness properly, lol.

From that day henceforth, I prepare my custard pap the peanut milk way. Custard powder is corn flour. It is the same as taking pap made from maize.

So I always buy custard powder that has milk and sugar in them. So I don't need to add milk or sugar after preparing.


½ cup peanut paste

¾ cup custard powder

One teaspoon roasted sesame seeds (optional)

Three whole cardamoms (optional)

Serving 1


1. Start by putting ½ cup peanut paste in a bowl, add one cup water, use a clean hand to mash the paste to dissolve in water.

2. Get a medium pot and a strainer, strain the now nuts milk into the pot. Use ½ cup of water to rinse the chaff appropriately.

3. Place peanut milk over medium heat and allow it to boil. Don't cover the pot, and don't move far away from cooking to avoid spilling.

4. In a bowl, ¾ cup custard powder and mix with ½ cup water to make consistency.

5. When peanut milk reaches a boil, stir custard consistency, pick up a pot of boiling milk and add to custard consistency at once. Immediately, mix the now custard pap appropriately.

6. Serve hot and top with roasted sesame seeds and cardamom; enjoy with fried tofu.

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