Sesame seeds are popularly known as Ridi in the Hausa language. Most people are familiar with the roasted sesame seeds, which you can find in stores and within a neighbor almost anywhere in Arewa. They are a favorite snack.

Sesame seeds or better still Ridi are healthy seeds, with a yummy nutty flavor, especially when roasted. They are high in fiber content; they aid digestion and relieve constipation. They are also for skin healing properties, which helps give a glowing skin so, whether you are taken it in soup, food, cereal, or as snacks, your sure your taking seeds that are nutritious.

Here is a sesame seeds recipe to enjoy as kunun Ridi in the morning or evening. You can include flax seeds for additional nutrients. But Be sure your taste buds agree with flax seeds flavor: otherwise, you should omit it.

CAN I SUBSTITUTE RIDI? No! you can’t. the taste of roasted sesame seeds are what make this kunu special.

DO I NEED TO HULL THE SEEDS BEFORE ROASTING? Yes, you should! I hull sesame seeds for everything I do.

DO I NEED TO ROAST THE SEEDS? Yes! You should. Roasting the seeds allows the flavor to become pronounced. But it should be roasted for a few minutes under low heat, and after the seeds are hull.


½ cup of rice flour

2cups cup Sesame Milk

½ teaspoon Flax seed powder (OPTIONAL)

½ teaspoon ground ginger and cloves


Serving: 2


1. In a grinder, grind one cup of roasted sesame seeds. Pour it in a dry bowl and add one cup of water and mash with a clean hand to dissolve properly.

2. Strain into a medium pot using a strainer. Rinse the chaff in the strainer with 1 cup of water. Set aside your 2 cups of sesame milk.

3. In the pot of sesame milk, add ½ teaspoon ground flax seeds, ½ teaspoon ground ginger, and cloves and mix appropriately and allow to sit for 5mins so spice flavor will incorporate.

4. Place the pot of sesame milk over medium heat. Don’t cover the pot, and don’t go far away to avoid spilling.

5. To make a rice flour consistency, Pour ½ cup of rice flour in a drinking cup and mix with 1 cup water. This process should be done minutes after placing pot overheat.

6. When the sesame milk reaches a boiling point, reduce heat to the barest minimum. Get your rice flour consistency stir properly.

7. Using Ludayi or cooking spoon, stir the milk and start adding the rice consistency gradually, stir as you add. Thicken begins almost immediately; you start adding the mixture. Keep stirring for 2 minutes. Then you remove the pot from heat.

8. Serve hot with some fried garlic potatoes.

If you have a kunu recipe you'd like us to feature, reach out us. Don't forget to leave a commemt.

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