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What do you do with a tart pineapple? Juice it!

A super tangy pineapple is daunting. I mean, the unbearable sour taste can numb the teeth to sensitivity.

However, pineapples are amazing. They make a good tropical natural fruit flavor, With a loyal color that adds an appealing appearance to food, Especially juice. It will be a waste throwing a loyal flavor because of a taste that can be adjusted.


There are many complimentary fruits and veggies you can mix with pineapple to make a juice or smoothies. All it takes is a good blender or juicer as the case may be.

These Pineapple recipes should be more of pineapple; 50:50. 50% pineapple and 50% complimentary fruits/vegetables, water and, sugar.

Pineapple juice, In this recipe, you can choose to add another complimentary fruit to enhance the tangy pineapple taste. Fruits such as pineapple and SUGAR CANE, pineapple and GINGER, pineapple, and APPLE; and sugar if need be. Don't use watermelon for pineapple juice. Watermelon is a water-based fruit with a brawny color and interferes with any other fruit color in juices. I don't recommend fruits with brawny colors for pineapple juice. Nonetheless, pineapple juice can be pineapple, water and, sugar.

Fruit punch is another thing to do with sour pineapples. Like pineapple juice, It's a combination of fruits, but fruit punch is three fruits above. Before you start, plan your fruits/vegetable; You’ll make a good fruit punch.

You can use Pineapple, watermelon and apples, Pineapple, watermelon, cucumbers or Pineapple, mango, watermelon. The fruit punch recipe is similar to pineapple juice made with a blender. But fruit punch does not need straining. It is more of a smoothie than a juicer. It requires a high-speed blender, so the consistency is smooth. There is no straining,

Booster lite is a recipe I created from an immune-boosting recipe.

The actual recipe is pineapple, lemon, and ginger all whole, including the pineapple bark, lemon peels. I came up with my recipe because the immune-boosting recipe taste as good as a juice.

Tart pineapple recipes are:-




Sugar (optional)



Cut pineapple into small dice.

Grate/chop ginger. Add to your juicer and juice it.

Add some water and sugar.

If you’re using a blender, use a cheesecloth to strain out the juice, rinse with some water, add sugar to taste, and serve with some doughnuts.


Peeled pineapple

Peeled cucumber chunk cuts

Scraped carrots chunk cut

Apple chunk

Fresh Mint leaves


Sugar (Optional)


Add pineapples, cucumbers, carrots, apple and, little water into a blender and blend at high-speed. Pour in a glass cup and garnish with mint leaves.


Pineapple, Including the peel,chunk cut

Orange chunk cut

Lemon slice for garnish

Ginger grated


Wash the fruits properly.

Remove orange peel, including white peel and white strides. Grate the fresh ginger.

Pour into a pot, add a measurable amount of water, cover the pot, and cook until it reaches a boil. And allow simmering for 30 mins. Use a cheesecloth to strain, squeeze it well, to get out more flavor. Do not add water after cooking. Pour the juice into a blender, add 3 -4 ice cubes, and blends. Serve in a glass cup and garnish with a lemon slice the quantity of water is your resulting juice.

which of the recipe would you try first?

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