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Have you purposely use Garlic to experience its benefit, was it peasant or otherwise.

My first knowledge of Garlic is when I was a child. I had an anty whose kitchen had a smell of allicin due to her use of Garlic. Until my exploration into culinary flavoring starts, I couldn't tell the slight aroma distinction between garlic powder and fresh Garlic. Her kitchen had a pronounced agreeable cooked garlic smell, more like garlic powder; even the air from the direction of the kitchen had the same garlic flavor, with or without cooking going on. Her kitchen is my first encounter with Garlic because I don't remember knowing Garlic anytime before. The smell has a long imprint in my memory that I have conditioned her to Garlic. As I grew older, I got to understand why her kitchen had a signature garlic smell. Its because Garlic is paramount in her condiment simply because of its health benefit.

One may wonder what makes Garlic so formidable. A clove of Garlic contains alliin and an enzyme called alliinase. These two properties leave independently. When the clove is chopped or crushed, the two properties (alliin and alliinase) meet to form allicin. Allicin is the compound that gives Garlic its unique pungent smell and makes it a health powerhouse.

Garlic is aromatic, spicy, anti-microbial, and anti-fungus; For this reason, Garlic remains timeless.

Here are ten(10) interesting facts you should know about Garlic.

1. Garlic is easy to include in your daily diet for its numerous minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, either as fresh Garlic or Garlic powder.

For consistency, Garlic powder is a better option, you sprinkle a pinch or scoop and pour in your food, beverage, and teas.

2. Garlic is excellent for teas. Regardless of the type of tea, Garlic tastes delicious with tea and also beverages. Tea is a great way to ingest Garlic to enjoy its health benefit almost every day.

3. Peeling Garlic can help reduce stress. Stress related anger can be overwhelming and unhealthy. Among things to do to control your anger positively is physical activity such as peeling Garlic. The process of peeling Garlic will encourage relaxation can help you calm your temper down. I am sure you're thinking, what do to with the peeled Garlic. You can make Garlic paste and store it in the freezer for daily use.

4. Taking raw Garlic can cause digestive upset, like bloating and gas, Especially whole clove, and There is no health benefit in swallowing it whole.

5. Garlic does not cure Covid19 - A new garlic myth emerges during the recent global pandemic Covid19. Some people believe Garlic can cure corona virus; this belief is a myth. The world health organization(W.H.O) clearly stated that this is false, as there is no scientific proof yet.

6. Nigeria produce tonnes of good healthy garlic.

7. Garlic should be chopped or crushed before use. Whether as culinary flavor/benefit or for health benefit. Allicin is the component that makes Garlic an excellent flavor and immune booster. For its health benefits, its advisable not to swallow raw Garlic immediately after chopping, dicing, or crushing. Allow the chopped Garlic to sit for 10min before ingesting. Also, Garlic flavor comes when the clove is crushed or chopped.

8. Not everyone takes Garlic; the prominent reason people do not take Garlic is due to its smell they find unappealing to an extend offensive. Apart from this category of people, Some people can be allergic or sensitive to Garlic, Just like with any other food. In such a case, these people should avoid Garlic entirely.

9. If you store Garlic in an airy area/space, It can go up to a year without drying up even if It is in a sack. Do not store Garlic in a polythene bag that can make the Garlic go rotten.

10. Fresh Garlic and Garlic powder serve different purposes. Garlic powder flavor is intense, versatile, convenient; And the best option for spice blends, dry rubs, and seasonings. Fresh Garlic, on the other hand, has a subtle flavor that gives an immediate flavor boost to food such as sauces, stirs fry, salad dressing, soup.

So whether you're using Garlic for its health benefit, for culinary art/seasoning, or both, you are sure using an ancient remedy with great potential.

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