Onions are universal but, not everyone appreciates seeing them in food. One of my strange experiences is seeing a grown man pick out chunks of cooked onions from his food. "Is he allergic to onions?" I thought to myself. The onion kept piling up as he eats and I couldn't help but voice out my thoughts by asking him if he is allergic to onions.

No! he said. "I couldn't eat chunks of onions in food". like a child, he kept picking, 😱omg.

When a recipe calls for onion, where do you classify it? Mediterranean, African, Italian or Asian? You"ll agree with me it is a matter of taste and aroma, and for me, it simply means I can taste the food and probably agree with my taste buds.

It’s no news that onion flavor is rich and can play a vital role in the flavor composition of a tasty meal. Ordinarily, onion flavor is good in proteins and vegetables however, fresh onions are used and better understood than dehydrated ones.

Nonetheless, onion powder is a great onion option to help spice up food taste. A sprinkle on food is all you need for an onion flavor result.

how often do you use onion powder?Have you ever tried it with a potato dish? Hmmm…....if you've haven't, you should. Here is a simple recipe; Add onion powder to your mashed potatoes and butter before baking or frying. I'm very sure that after trying the recipe and they turned out excellent, you'll feel you should become a chef without any certification; That’s the power of food exploration.

Since the beginning of my exploration with onion, I couldn't help but be stunned at the countless cooking potential of onion powder; it can be a cooking flavor, it can be an agent of reducing tart in cooking down, or help improve meal texture. Onion powder is simply amazing in giving excellent flavor results.

Here is a list of my Ideal Onion Powder uses

Stew:- onion powder is an ideal spice for stew. Aside from good flavor, it also cuts down on tomato's tartness. Tomato stew is a big deal in most Nigerian kitchens, and to get right, the salient details need to be carried out well. Such as the type or number of flavoring that can go in it; appropriately minimizing/modifying tomato sourness, frying the condiments well to achieve the desired texture. And above all, the right tomato stew finishing technique.

Spice blends:- Like salt and cooking oil, onion powder can be added to any Umami dish, thanks to its flavor composition. Unlike fresh Onion, Onion powder can go unnoticeable in food. They make a great complimentary spice for the spice mix, blend, marinate, and wet or dry rubs. If you love onions, you'll love onion powder more. Here is a simple mix; garlic powder and onion powder, this mix gives a shallot flavor and great for filling, salad dressings, and toppings. You can make numerous blends, rub or marinade using onion powder and complimentary spice or herbs. All you have to do is explore. Keep at it.

Onion powder for egg:- for as long as I can remember, fresh onions are used for fried and scrambled eggs. But do you know you can add both Onion powder and fresh onions? Oh yes, you can. A little onion powder and fresh onion will enhance the egg's flavor for relishing taste.

Enhance old and dull soup:- I use Onion powder to enhance my leftover soup. Doing this lifts the soup's texture and gives it a fresh flavor. We don’t get lucky all the time preparing a delicious soup for Tuwo or swallow. So on these odd days, especially when you have a lot of the soup remaining, you want to enhance taste and aroma to balance the texture. And by taste I don’t mean salt.

However, in circumstances where there is a need for salt, you can make Onion salt. To make onion salt, you need 50% onion powder, 50% cooking salt.

To get a bold onion flavor, make it 70% onion powder, 30% cooking salt of choice. You can use Onion salt for fries such as french fries, fried yam, potato chips, and sweet potato chips.

Note: I mean indigenous African soup such as okra soup, egusi, and taushe.

For a fresh, convenient Onion Powder, buy here Meenam blends Onion Powder.

In all of these, the onion powder is a powerful force of ingredients you do not want to pass on. It has a strong flavor effect on many types of food that give an overall super slam to any food you might want to eat.

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