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You won't find a better kunun gyada recipe than this. I couldn't help but say it out loud Yesterday, as I was editing this recipe and sip the kunu gyada I made with some lemon juice —the goodness in the taste and the convenience in preparation.

My love for nuts knows no bounds, and the traditional Hausa kunu gyada is something I enjoy as breakfast or dessert. So To enjoy this delicacy more, I had to search for a convenient recipe to enjoy it more. After many trial and errors, I've been able to come up with this fantastic kunu gyada recipe to enjoy at any given time with little prep time.

WHAT IS GYADA? Gyada is a Hausa name for groundnuts. And this kunu is called kunun gyada because its made with groundnut, and the groundnuts are the base and what makes the kunu unique in taste and aroma.

WHAT IS RICE FLOUR? CAN I SUBSTITUTE RICE FLOUR Rice flour is necessary for this recipe. It is the thickener. And what makes it an easy recipe instead of the traditional millet paste (kullun kunu) which prep time is exhausting.

Before you start this recipe, you should have rice flour ready. Either you buy the ready-made flour or, you make yours using white rice (shinkafan tuwo). To do so, get white rice (shinkafa tuwo), remove all specks of dirt; Before grinding it into a smooth powder.


½ cup Rice flour

½ cup Groundnut paste

One teaspoon ginger and cloves

One teaspoon lemon juice (optional)

star anise for toppings

4 cups water.

Serving: 2


1. In a grinder, add ½ cup of roasted groundnuts and grind until it becomes moist with oil. While grinding, you will need to be switching off the grinder from time to time to reassemble the nuts. You can grind your groundnuts before time and store it away. It can sit for as long as one month under room temperature and three months in a refrigerator.

2. In a grinder, add an equal amount of ginger and cloves, and grind to a smooth powder. Get 1/2 teaspoon. And keep the remaining for future use or use it during the day in your cooking. Ginger and cloves work great in several dishes.

3. Put ½ cup groundnut paste in a bowl, add 1 1/2 cups of water, and mash appropriately using a clean hand until it dissolves in the water. Get a medium pot and a strainer, strain the now nuts milk into the pot. Use your remaining 1 ½ cup of water to rinse the chaff appropriately.

4. In a cup, add ½ cup rice flour, 1/2 teaspoon ginger cloves powder, 1 cup of water and, mix properly. You should get a seamlessly flow consistency. Not watery, not thick. Doing this before putting nut milk overheat, allow flavors to incorporate.

5. Place nut milk over medium heat. Don't cover the pot, and don't go far away from the pot to avoid spilling. When the milk starts boiling, reduce heat to the barest minimum, Get the rice flour consistency, stir it to mix.

6. Using Ludayi or cooking spoon, stir the boiling milk, and start adding the rice flour consistency, keep stirring as you go. Thickening will begin immediately, stir for 1 - 2 minutes. And remove from heat. Add one teaspoon lemon juice and mix.

7. Serve hot, top with star anise, and enjoy with moimoi.

Who wants to try kunun gyada?

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