You wouldn't want to eat anything Tamba at first sight, until you try it you'll learn to love it over time.

Again! Exclaimed my daughter, seeing kunun Tamba for the third time in a row. When are you making the white kunu? are her words.

Generally, kunu and pap do not look appealing and need the initiative to make it so. kunu in arewa (northern Nigeria) is a morning porridge serving as a breakest and a starter for iftar during Ramadan.

Kunu Tamba is one healthy unpopular food that doesn’t look appealing because of its black color appearance after preparation see here for how to prepare kunun Tamba.

Tamba is a traditional Hausa name for Finger millet, also known as Eleusine is a whole grain that is gluten-free and a good source of natural calcium. It promotes good health. See here for how to make Tamba flour.

Before cooking, Tamba flour is a smooth black dotted gray powder. It can be part of a daily diet. Porridge, puddings (kunus), and cake(mix with wheat) are the food you can enjoy with finger millet. Tamba is nutritious and easy to cook. But the traditional kunu Tamba feels bland and partly what has made it unpopular. To make this delicacy exciting and enjoyable, Here are three ways to do so

1. WITH MILK - if you find kunun Tamba plain bland, then you will love the milk infuse kunun Tamba. Use can use milk of choice milk. However, Coconut milk is a good option. Still, because it is not readily available here in Zaria, Kaduna, and making your own is not easy, you can Try it with powdered milk such as whole or evaporated milk. It gives the kunun Tamba an interesting creamy taste.

2.. WITH FRUITS - another way I enjoy kunun Tamba is with agreeable fruits. You can top the fruits or sprinkle to add a yummy taste, I some times sugar coat coconut for topping. You can add apple slice, grapes, especially seedless ones, sugar coat coconut. You can explore with the fruit of your choice.

3.. WITH SWEETENERS - generally, kunus are tasty with sweeteners like honey, sugar, syrups, and dried dates. I have to try kunun Tamba with sugar and dates.

I prefer the dates because it gives the kunu a unique sweet taste. I am yet to try it with honey. kunu Tamba is excellent with dates too. Dates are also a good option if you are trying to cut down on artificial sugar.

what other way do you enjoy kunun tamba. let me know in the comment section.

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